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The so-colled dolphin therapy uses dolphins for healing. This is especially possible as dolphins are able to build a certain kind of relation to humans that can be helpful for healing and loosing blockades.


it can be distinguished to different kinds

1) Dolphin-Human Therapy (DHT)

2) Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT)

Up to now there's no general accepted definition for dolphin therapy.


The dolphin therapy combines several therapy ideas: animal supported therapy (by contact to dolphins), aquatherapy (by executing the therapy mainly in the water), exercise therapy (by the execises that have to be performed while in the water) and family therapy (which shows in the fact that these therapies usually take place in the presence of other family members).


Worldwide there are already existing more than 100 institutions that offer different kind of dolphin therapies. Many of them use or are based on the DHT program. The program is based on increasing the attention of the disabled children. Reseach shows 3 stimulations to reach that (warm water, music & animals). The dolphin therapy uses the warm water & the dolphins.

The therapy concentrates on the complex personality with all the fortes and weaknesses, abilities shall be activated and enhanced.

The DHT offers help during the treatment of deficites in speech, coordination, communication & the development of  self-confidence.


Nonetheless the dolphin therapy is no wonder therpay - it can help  a lot with the treatment of different illnesses but it can not heal.


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